Concluding reflections on the first Transnational Project Meeting in Skopje

These first official meetings, finally held in person, strengthened the spirit of cooperation and stimulated a constructive dialogue between the partners that had been somewhat hampered during the period marked by the rising tide of the pandemic.

The magical atmosphere of Skopje and the cultural stimuli received by each partner created the right conditions for realigning all the project objectives initially agreed upon and the most appropriate ways to achieve them.

It was a fruitful occasion to discuss not only technical issues but also to take general but at the same time crucial decisions. In this respect, it was unanimously decided not to extend the project duration, which will therefore expire on the date initially agreed.

Thanks to a joint effort and in compliance with all the commitments already on the agenda, the week from 9 to 15 January 2022 was chosen for the next mobility (LTT1) in Portugal, in the municipality of Lousada.

Furthermore, new interesting proposals were made to make the social business platform M.o.t.h.e.r. even more attractive for young Europeans.

Thanks also to the support of the E-coaches selected by the various partners, extensive  and dynamic material will be available on the platform with which the Youth Europeans will be able to interact constantly.

In this respect, a number of online meetings have been scheduled (the first is planned for the end of November) with the various teams of experts to speed up the learning of all the technical aspects of the E-learning platform.

It is now up to all of us to continue on the path mapped out by this Macedonian meeting and to reach the expected results.

Written by Francesco Tirinato

Written by JUMP Team

25 October 2021

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